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Things they don’t show us in the magazines

I was flipping a fashion and beauty magazine this morning, looking for new eye makeup tips , something that might cover the puffiness of my eyes- since i dont get enough sleep- and it hit me that most celebs and models almost don’t sleep at all- How the hell do they still look  so fresh, radiant, fit, simply perfect!!!

Here is the answer 🙂

Even the best make up artists and most expensive products may not hide wrinkles, cellulite, fat area around the belly,

 it may not really tighten your pores, thicken your hair locks, remove your shine without drying your skin…

so, RELAX… it’s all photoshop!


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The colored denim- Blue

FINALLY!!!! I have purchased my first Blue denim pants… yeppy!!!!! There was a huge selection of colors and styles to choose from, i wannet to get them all, but i went for the safest choice, you can never go wrong with blue 🙂
The best way to wear this trend is to keep it simple, wear them with a white, off white or black tops…

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How to be photo ready…

  Breathe normally and relax your lips and your shoulders. If you hold your breath you might appear as though you’re tense or suffocating.
 Choose solid or neutral colors that complement your skin tone and stay away from horizontal strips big patterns and single tones  
   Keep the shine down especially on a warm day, use a good pressed powder, and make sure your eye make-up is defined and not smudged.
 Point your nose away from the camera and learn which angle flatters your face best  
   Brush your hair into place. Frizzy or loose hairs can appear messy, also try to avoid pony tails.
 Don’t look at the camera; look through it  
 Smile, think happy thoughts 🙂

More useful tips check out Marie calire’s article : How to Pose for Photos 


  • A peachy blush creates a healthy glow when placed high on cheekbones. To break up any semblance of a double chin, use a matte bronzer along the jawline.
  • Dust a light iridescent shimmer just under the eyebrows, on the inside corners of eyes, and along cheekbones for definition.
  • To add shine to hair, mix a silicone-based glossing serum with mousse for styling.
  • Highlights around the hairline should be one shade lighter than your natural color to amp up  shine.


  • Avoid light colors or anything shiny on areas of your body that you want to detract from.


  • To help thin out your face, tilt your head slightly up and forward.
  • If you’re sitting, cross your legs to cut the apparent width of your body in half, then lean slightly forward.
  • In group shots, avoid standing at the end — that person always looks heavier.


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How to trim your own bangs – Marie Claire

1. Start with clean, dry hair, styled as you usually wear it.

2. Gently grasp a section of hair between your fingers (don’t pull!). If your bangs go straight across, keep your fingers horizontal. If they are more slanted, your fingers should be at an angle, too.

3. Use cuticle scissors to allow yourself more control. That way, you won’t be able to accidentally chop off a huge chunk of hair in one swipe.

4. Do not cut across your forehead horizontally with the scissors . . . unless you’re trying to look like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. Hold the scissors vertically, and cut into the bangs. Your hair will look softer this way.

5. Snip no more than a quarter-inch at atime. You can always trim more later.

6. Start at the center of your forehead and trim outward until you reach the middle of your right eyebrow, then stop. Repeat on the other side. Avoid cutting past your eyebrows — many women have cowlicks in these areas, and if you’re one of them, you could end up with a “hole” in your bangs.

Good Luck! 🙂

Leaving you now with a few more bangs ideas

(click on image to enlarge)

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